Ten Essential Watch Styles

What watches to wear at work


Your grandmother probably owned just one watch and wore it everywhere.  Your mother may have had two – one casual and one formal.  You live in a world where having a watch for every occasion is practical and cost effective and pretty much expected

Here are the top ten watch styles for women and when to where them.


Ideal for around the house and general everyday use. 

At the very top of the list is ‘The Classic’ and it’s still as reliable and popular as ever.  This medium sized wristwatch is simple, practical and above all else it’s easy to use.  You won’t find six other dials or three pin controls that do everything from set the hands to send a man to the moon.  It can be worn with just about anything because it’s designed to be unobtrusive but it is best worn for everyday activities and its functionality is always going to be more just a bit more important than it’s styling.


Ideal for formal occasions.

At formal occasions where blacks and greys are the colour of choice an overly bedazzling and blinged-up wristwatch can look cheap – even if it’s worth a fortune.  At formal occasions be they a black tie business event or corporate meeting less is usually more and very often the faces of these timepieces don’t even have numerals but that doesn’t mean that they are without style.  Perhaps they are saying: “I may need to know the time but time doesn’t own me.”


Ideal for grand and sophisticated events

When a woman sweeps into a room in a dress that cost thousands of pounds and in shoes that probably cost the same, it is essential that the wristwatch she is wearing is as much an item of jewellery as it is a timepiece.  It is elegant, jewelled and will always match.  The face will usually be small and the decoration nothing short of a work of art.


Ideal for women who want to be taken seriously.

Chronographs are one of the most popular watch types available today.  Their multiple dials and hands reflect advanced timing functionality ranging from stopwatch functions to the calculation of longitude and latitude using nothing but the time and the stars.  They also look strong, fantastic, complex and just a little bit magical.   These are watches more often associated with men and can create a striking impact when worn by a woman of confidence.


Ideal for fun outdoor events full of sunshine

Outsized watches are in. Now that this type of wristwatch has become a fashion statement, its size has become just as important as its colour, style, and materials. These timepieces can be worn loose and double up as a bracelet.  They are usually brightly coloured providing a carefree aspect to the wearer’s wardrobe.


Ideal for sports and active people

Sports watches aren’t just for timing races; they’re setting new trends in international fashion.  A close cousin of the Smart watch – sports models are usually rugged, water-resistant and include features such as a stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, an alarm, tachymeter, thermometer and tide indicators.   The key to the sports watch is its log the wearer’s activities and offer personal health-related information.


Ideal for all occasions where technology is king

Smart watches look modern and are actually a computer that can be worn on the wrist and include functionality and capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. They have basic functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping. While early models can perform basic tasks, such as calculations, translations, and game-playing, modern smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many run mobile apps, using a mobile operating system.  They are currently one of the must have devices.


Ideal for events

Skinny watches as the name suggests tend to have smaller faces and narrow straps or bands.  They come in a range of designs from the exotic to simple.  Great for when a person wants something light on the wrist.  Best worn with sleeveless shirts and strappy dresses.


Ideal for nightlife where the music’s loud

Club style watches are all about the shine and dazzle.  Large and often exotic they’re all about looking great and being the centre of attention.  The faces can be multi-chronograph or simple but they will be decorated with diamantes and other gems.


Ideal when they’re in – maybe silly when they’re not

When it comes to Fashion watches its … well it’s whatever is catching people’s imagination.  They’re usually brightly coloured larger than average and generally affordable.  They’re all about highlighting the moment, being part of whatever’s happening and most importantly – fun.  They can come in all shapes and sizes from square zebras to golden hearts.

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